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What is "Buy Here, Live Here?"

Family The "Buy Here, Live Here" initiative was created to show Blair County businesses and consumers that "buying here" has a tremendous impact on our local economy. Rather than spending money outside of Blair County, we are asking you that you spend it here where it can help your community. A 10% shift in spending, would create jobs, help our municipalities, and increase the well being of our community.

How does BHLH affect public programs that benefit our children?

By shifting 10% of the money back to Blair County, we are keeping money in our local economy. Our local municipalities will have greater tax revenue due to the increased sales that merchants will be experiencing. They, in turn, are able to reinvest that back into our communities for the upkeep of our recreation areas as well as services.

How can I find a local business that sells the product or service that I am looking for?

The Blair County Chamber of Commerce website has a Business Directory. Simply, click on the directory tab and enter your desired product or service into the "category" field and it will generate a list of local businesses that suit your needs. One can also search here for location and contact information.